2 Timothy

Last series of 25 SAB Contradictions; interesting questions, interesting answers. Continue reading
It is clear that the Scriptures are inspired and normative for Christian life. Of course it is possible to have questions about that... Continue reading
Again 25 proposed SAB Bible Contradictions. A closer look shows that they are some times due to mistranslations, often misreadings and even wilful misinterpretations. Continue reading
All the ins and outs of Christmas are common knowledge, e.g. that Jesus was born of the Hoy Spirit and Joseph was not his real father. However, the SAB critic seems to know better … Continue reading
In this series many controversial issues, such as: Can God be found? Do humans have free will? When was the Holy Ghost given? Does God ever lie? Does God love everyone? Continue reading
The Problem All theologians accept that man has free will in many matters, but in several matters there is no free will. I am free to choose my style in clothing, or whether I travel by train or by car. The question is: Am I free to not sin? Continue reading
Do evildoers prosper? Is it possible to fall from grace? Should we fear God? Will the righteous flourish? Important questions, aren't they? Or is it all contradictory nonsense? Let's have a look ... Continue reading
The fifth series of rejected SAB Contradictions, including: Who carried Jesus’ cross? How did David kill Goliath? Did Adam die on the day he ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? To whom did Peter deny knowing Jesus? Continue reading
10 Bible Questions presented by as Bible Contradictions. Issues as: How did Judas die? What was the wording on the cross? What was the day of Jesus' crucifixion? And more. Fortunately we are informed in the gospels by Jesus' writers who made their reports on the spot. Continue reading