It was said to Moses "You cannot see My [God's] face, for no man can see Me and live!” But what about all the instances where is said that men saw God? Continue reading
Biblical chaos? It is an ancient riddle: how is it possible that God brought David to sin by numbering the people of Israel? Isn’t God the Good shepherd of his people who protects his children from evil? Why than did he bring this evil on David? And to make the “Biblical chaos” complete, a parallel passage says that it was not God but the devil who caused David to sin. What now? Continue reading
25 New so called Bible Contradictions, e.g.: Is divorce ever permissible? What kind of animals may we eat? Was John the Baptist Elijah? Is God the creator of evil? And more! Continue reading
A twofold Contradiction? Old translations mention Moloch and Chiun as gods, but new translations give Sikkuth and Chiun. Contradiction: Moloch or Sikkuth? Another seeming contradiction: Rompha or Chiun? Mmmmm, seems rather complicated! Continue reading