Last series of 25 SAB Contradictions; interesting questions, interesting answers. Continue reading
It was said to Moses "You cannot see My [God's] face, for no man can see Me and live!” But what about all the instances where is said that men saw God? Continue reading
It is always a delicate matter to talk about serving others, obedience, submission and being a slave. In the biblical world these expressions indicate remarkable attitudes ... Continue reading
For the superficial observer it seems that on the one hand all sins can be forgiven by God; on the other hand not all, as there is one excluded: sin against the Holy Spirit. This seems strange, doesn’t it? Continue reading
The critic seems to have found a new accusation to Christianity. It is not only about a simple Bible Contradiction here. No, he gives the impression of trying to paint a bad picture of the entire Christian belief. Continue reading
If there is water in a glass and water outside that glass, is that a Contradiction? Of course not. It is only perceived as a Contradiction by those who cannot imagine it. Likewise, if God created heaven and earth, is it a Contradiction that Jesus being Lord and God, took his part in creation? Continue reading
25 alleged Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection (376 - 400). There are always simple and natural answers on alleged Bible Contradictions, as we will see. Continue reading
There are several problems connected with the question of the critic. It seems that he has no idea of the set of problems he raises with the presentation of his simple question as if only one problem is at stake. Continue reading
Again a series of 25 SAB Contradictions. Not any one of them turns out to be a real Bible Contradiction. Good advice to all Bible Contradictors: Please, do your homework before you speak! Continue reading
In this series many controversial issues, such as: Can God be found? Do humans have free will? When was the Holy Ghost given? Does God ever lie? Does God love everyone? Continue reading