Last series of Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection tested ... Continue reading
It is always a delicate matter to talk about serving others, obedience, submission and being a slave. In the biblical world these expressions indicate remarkable attitudes ... Continue reading
25 so called Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection. Most of them are easy to reply, a few ask some rethinking. Also a few are real questions; however, positive and biblical answers are possible for all. There are always simple and natural answers on alleged Bible Contradictions. Continue reading
There are several problems connected with the question of the critic. It seems that he has no idea of the set of problems he raises with the presentation of his simple question as if only one problem is at stake. Continue reading
In this series many controversial issues, such as: Can God be found? Do humans have free will? When was the Holy Ghost given? Does God ever lie? Does God love everyone? Continue reading
The Problem All theologians accept that man has free will in many matters, but in several matters there is no free will. I am free to choose my style in clothing, or whether I travel by train or by car. The question is: Am I free to not sin? Continue reading
The problem What does the Bible say about the question: Who is a child of God? Are all people children of God? Are just some people children of God? Continue reading
Do evildoers prosper? Is it possible to fall from grace? Should we fear God? Will the righteous flourish? Important questions, aren't they? Or is it all contradictory nonsense? Let's have a look ... Continue reading
A new series of 25 rejected SAB Contradictions. E.g.: Can God do anything? Is childbearing sinful? Is circumcision required? Did Jesus say before the cock crows or before the crock crows twice? Continue reading