It is the conviction of the present author that how many alleged Bible contradictions one may test and falsify, there will always be an understandable hesitancy about the reliability of the Biblical account. It is more logical to accept discrepancies if there was an oral tradition ... Continue reading
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It was said to Moses "You cannot see My [God's] face, for no man can see Me and live!” But what about all the instances where is said that men saw God? Continue reading
No sign? In three Gospels the question came to Jesus to do a miracle, a sign. And in all occasions Jesus was disgusted about it. Why? Continue reading
If there is water in a glass and water outside that glass, is that a Contradiction? Of course not. It is only perceived as a Contradiction by those who cannot imagine it. Likewise, if God created heaven and earth, is it a Contradiction that Jesus being Lord and God, took his part in creation? Continue reading
25 alleged Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection (376 - 400). There are always simple and natural answers on alleged Bible Contradictions, as we will see. Continue reading
It seems that the prophet Samuel was a rather cruel individual: He “hacked Agag in pieces”, we read. Yes, if that would be the only information we get from this episode we might think so. However, it is always the special art of deceivers to turn things upside down. Continue reading
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