1 John

Last series of 25 SAB Contradictions; interesting questions, interesting answers. Continue reading
25 so called Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection. Some are real questions; however, positive and biblical answers are possible for all. There are always simple and natural answers on alleged Bible Contradictions. Not always easy to find the answers, but here are mine. Continue reading
Do Christians sin? Yes, sometimes they do. One may ask: “If that is true what sense does it make to become a Christian at all?” Continue reading
The crucifixion of Jesus is a sensitive historical topic. On the one hand it is at the heart of Christian belief, on the other hand it has given rise to the painful accusation that the Jews had crucified the Messiah. Continue reading
For the superficial observer it seems that on the one hand all sins can be forgiven by God; on the other hand not all, as there is one excluded: sin against the Holy Spirit. This seems strange, doesn’t it? Continue reading
Interesting enough not only critics, also theologians are really in trouble about the information of Jesus’ resurrection in the Gospels. The disturbing aspect is not only the miracle part of the occurrence, but also that a real story, a real narrative, is lacking in any of the Gospels. Continue reading
Again 25 proposed SAB Bible Contradictions. A closer look shows that they are some times due to mistranslations, often misreadings and even wilful misinterpretations. Continue reading
Again a series of 25 SAB Contradictions. Not any one of them turns out to be a real Bible Contradiction. Good advice to all Bible Contradictors: Please, do your homework before you speak! Continue reading
In this series many controversial issues, such as: Can God be found? Do humans have free will? When was the Holy Ghost given? Does God ever lie? Does God love everyone? Continue reading
The problem What does the Bible say about the question: Who is a child of God? Are all people children of God? Are just some people children of God? Continue reading