Last series of Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection tested ... Continue reading
Last series of 25 SAB Contradictions; interesting questions, interesting answers. Continue reading
Unmasking of 25 alleged Bible Contradictions of different nature. Continue reading
25 so called Bible Contradictions of the SAB Collection. Some are real questions; however, positive and biblical answers are possible for all. There are always simple and natural answers on alleged Bible Contradictions. Not always easy to find the answers, but here are mine. Continue reading
For the superficial observer it seems that on the one hand all sins can be forgiven by God; on the other hand not all, as there is one excluded: sin against the Holy Spirit. This seems strange, doesn’t it? Continue reading
Is there a contradiction concerning behavior and good works? Should we do them in the dark? So that nobody may see them? Or should we show them as a sort of propaganda for the faith? Continue reading
The critic sees a Bible Contradiction in a saying of Jesus in John’s Gospel about the temple in Jerusalem, and two sayings of other people in Matthew and Mark, also about the temple. It takes a lot of thinking about the question: What is it that the critic sees as a contradiction? Continue reading
The critic has found a new bone to pick, however without much meat. What was the place where the women stood? Near or far away from the cross? Continue reading
The critic has a problem with the Last Judgement. Will God judge people by their (good or bad) deeds or by their belief? Continue reading
At first glance it may seem strange that in Matthew and Mark there is spoken about Six days later while Luke says it occurred Some eight days after these sayings. However as it always is in life we have to read accurately to understand. Let’s have a closer look. Continue reading