The critic fails to understand the subject he is criticizing. God is a loving Father for those who love him; and He is also a righteous Judge for those who act outrageously against Him and man ... Continue reading
In this series many controversial issues, such as: Can God be found? Do humans have free will? When was the Holy Ghost given? Does God ever lie? Does God love everyone? Continue reading
The fifth series of rejected SAB Contradictions, including: Who carried Jesus’ cross? How did David kill Goliath? Did Adam die on the day he ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? To whom did Peter deny knowing Jesus? Continue reading
A new series of 25 rejected SAB Contradictions. E.g.: Can God do anything? Is childbearing sinful? Is circumcision required? Did Jesus say before the cock crows or before the crock crows twice? Continue reading
This is the second series of 25 rejected SAB Bible Contradictions. Among them are some famous ‘contradictions’ such as: What was in the ark of the covenant? When did Jesus ascend into heaven? How many languages were there before the Tower of Babel was built? Did Jesus tell his apostles to go barefoot and without a staff? Continue reading