Islamic Contradictions

Is it true that Christians can’t sin? Can God repent? Was Goliath indeed killed by David? These and more questions considered as Contradictions within Islamic approach of the Bible. Continue reading
In many instances the resurrection story makes a rather chaotic impression, resulting in many questions, but no Bible Contradictions ( Continue reading
It was Jesus’ stenographers who made their notes on the spot. And that’s the reason that Christians are so well informed. They can proudly state to any contradiction seeker (as “Do you really think you know better than those who were there?” Continue reading
10 Bible Questions presented by as Bible Contradictions. Issues as: How did Judas die? What was the wording on the cross? What was the day of Jesus' crucifixion? And more. Fortunately we are informed in the gospels by Jesus' writers who made their reports on the spot. Continue reading
Biblical questions presented as Bible Contradictions (by; especially concerning Jesus’ crucifixion and Paul’s calling. Pretty easy to reject Continue reading
Proposed Islamic Bible Contradictions ( related to the public life of Jesus Christ. But are they? Continue reading
Mixed Bible questions proposed as Bible Contradictions by These questions are not so difficult as they seem. Let’s keep in mind the rule: ‘The son of a son is a son.' Continue reading
More Bible contradictions. When Ruth and Boaz received a son, the neighbour women said: “A son has been born to Naomi!” And they named him Obed. Yes, he was the son of his non-biological grandmother. How is this possible? Continue reading
Interesting Bible problems with numbers, but presented as Bible Contradictions by It is not unusual among theologians to speak of a copyist error, if they don't have an explanation for a number. Isn't it? It's our concern to simply explain numbers if there are no variant readings. If there is one, it is our concern to define the most likely reading and give an explanation for it. Continue reading
Numbers of David's soldiers and some mysterious numbers of Hebrew kings are here presented by as Bible Contradictions. Too bad, counting is not so difficult as it seems ... Continue reading