It is the conviction of the present author that how many alleged Bible contradictions one may test and falsify, there will always be an understandable hesitancy about the reliability of the Biblical account. It is more logical to accept discrepancies if there was an oral tradition ... Continue reading
In Acts there are three testimonies of Paul’s conversion on his way to Damascus. The criticism is that there are contradictions in them.... What now? Continue reading
Interesting enough not only critics, also theologians are really in trouble about the information of Jesus’ resurrection in the Gospels. The disturbing aspect is not only the miracle part of the occurrence, but also that a real story, a real narrative, is lacking in any of the Gospels. Continue reading
There is one significant problem in this saying of Jesus: he seems to say that the Hebrew Bible will remain intact until the end of the world. But what about some tiny scribal errors in the old Hebrew manuscripts? Was Jesus wrong? Isn’t this a Bible Contradiction? Continue reading
During the process of writing and editing the book “Jesus’ Stenographers” the editor regularly gave expression to what he saw as a privilege on working on this project. He has given permission to share with you his experiences. Continue reading