Moral ‘contradictions’

The crucifixion of Jesus is a sensitive historical topic. On the one hand it is at the heart of Christian belief, on the other hand it has given rise to the painful accusation that the Jews had crucified the Messiah. Continue reading
The critic sees a contradiction in the treatment of strangers: Be kind to them or Kill them. This is a grotesque perversion of the facts by the critic. Continue reading
Many seem to suppose that capital punishment was the rule in Old Israel. The contrary is true. Continue reading
The critic fails to understand the subject he is criticizing. God is a loving Father for those who love him; and He is also a righteous Judge for those who act outrageously against Him and man ... Continue reading
The critic claims that the Bible teaches three different and contradictory attitudes towards nonbelievers, ... Continue reading
Moses as a leader of the people of Israel is said to have a humble character, but when his officers returned from a battle he became angry. Isn’t this an evident Bible Contradiction? Continue reading
In the Old Testament we read Abraham swearing to one of the inhabitants of Canaan. In the New Testament we read that Jesus forbade his disciples to swear. A serious Bible Contradiction? Let’s have a look. Continue reading
After David’s life had been witnessed that he had sinned only in the case of Uriah. However during his life, David himself testified that he had sinned concerning the numbering of the people. It seems that we are confronted with two conflicting opinions. Continue reading
Is it wrong to lie? Generally spoken: Yes, it is wrong to lie. And that is the rule the Bible teaches. However, what to answer to lying people, who want to harm us or others with the information we offer them? Continue reading
Not infrequently the innocent seems to be punished with the guilty. The SAB-critic makes the question more specific. He gives a list of 16 biblical examples that seem contradictory to the truth that “the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself” (Ezekiel). Continue reading