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After David’s life had been witnessed that he had sinned only in the case of Uriah. However during his life, David himself testified that he had sinned concerning the numbering of the people. It seems that we are confronted with two conflicting opinions. Continue reading
The giant Goliath was beaten long ago, but he still seems to be wandering about playing nasty tricks on people, as becomes clear from the following questions put forward by many critics of the Bible: “Did David kill Goliath (1 Samuel), or did Elhanan (2 Samuel)?” And: “If Elhanan did, which Elhanan was it (the one of 2 Samuel or of 1 Chronicles)?” Continue reading
“Bible Contradiction” Yes, it’s a serious problem! If David only reigned forty years, then it seems - according to rational thinking - impossible to suppose that Absalom rebelled against David after his funeral. Answering this supposed contradiction needs a closer look. Continue reading
The supposed contradiction is the number 800 according to 2 Samuel and 300 according to 1 Chronicles. In fact the problem is caused by the expression ‘chief among/of the captains’, which is a mistranslation in the second case. When we study these passages we will see that there is no contradiction. We are concerned here with two different individuals, with different names, different origins, different positions and different victories in war. Because of the mistranslations we give here the most literal translations according to the Hebrew text. Continue reading
There are two names given for the owner of the threshing floor where Uzzah died. “What was the right name and what was the wrong name?” the critic complains. Continue reading
Many people knew the Psalms of David as they were sung in synagogues, in the temple and when people traveled to Jerusalem as pilgrims. One knew that the coming Messiah would be a Son of David. Did Jesus confirm this? Continue reading
The critic has combined some numbers in the Bible and has arrived at the surprising insight that there is something wrong with the date of King Solomon’s inauguration. Continue reading
Solomon was the second son of David and Bathsheba; not the fourth as a Bible Critic proposes. Continue reading
In the most authoritative Hebrew texts of 2 Samuel 21:8 Merab is not mentioned but Michal is. We will certainly chose here for this reading (Michal) as also the critics who suppose that this is a serious and undeniable Bible Contradiction. We will see. Continue reading
It is a most interesting question of how many brothers David had. Were there eight brothers according to the book of 1 Samuel or were there seven according to 1 Chronicles? Continue reading