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Again a strange SAB Contradiction. The critic failed to see that “childless” in Jeremiah 22:30 is figurative language. A simile is used without “as”, which is an absolutely correct grammatical move: “Write this man down [as] childless” Continue reading
Two characterizations of king Saul’s actions at the end of his life together seem to form a heavy Biblical conflict. On the one hand it is said that he inquired of the Lord (1 Samuel) and on the other hand he did not (1 Chronicles). Continue reading
Bible Contradiction? Who is right? 1 Kings with 420 talents, or 2 Chronicles with 450 talents? Continue reading
Proposed Bible Contradiction There was in Old-Israel a saying: “Is Saul among the prophets?” There is confusion among the critics of the Bible as two different moments seem to be given for the origin of this saying. Continue reading
Biblical chaos? It is an ancient riddle: how is it possible that God brought David to sin by numbering the people of Israel? Isn’t God the Good shepherd of his people who protects his children from evil? Why than did he bring this evil on David? And to make the “Biblical chaos” complete, a parallel passage says that it was not God but the devil who caused David to sin. What now? Continue reading
The fifth series of rejected SAB Contradictions, including: Who carried Jesus’ cross? How did David kill Goliath? Did Adam die on the day he ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? To whom did Peter deny knowing Jesus? Continue reading
Did David capture 1,700 or 7,000 horsemen from Hadadezer to restore his rule at the River Euphrates? A serious discrepancy between 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles? Continue reading
The collection of SAB Bible Contradictions thoroughly investigated, their spurious character demonstrated. Continue reading
101 Islamic Bible Contradictions investigated and considered thoroughly. Continue reading
Last series of 25 SAB Contradictions; interesting questions, interesting answers. Continue reading