Mixed Bible questions proposed as Bible Contradictions by These questions are not so difficult as they seem. Let’s keep in mind the rule: ‘The son of a son is a son.’


31. Who was the father of Jechoniah?
Josiah (Matthew 1:11)
Yes, according to the rule: The grandfather is a father (of course not the biological father).

Jehoiakim (I Chronicles 3:16)
Yes, he was his biological father.
No Bible Contradiction


32. How many generations were there from the Babylonian exile until Christ?
Matthew says fourteen (Matthew 1:17).
But a careful count of the generations reveals only thirteen (see Matthew 1:12-16).
No, the name of Christ is to be included. That gives fourteen. The entire genealogy is meant to give his descent, isn’t it?
No Bible Contradiction


33. Who was the father of Shelah?
Cainan (Luke 3:35-36)
Yes, he is also mentioned in the Septuagint as the father of Shelah.
Arphaxad (Genesis 11:12)
Yes, he is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the father of Shelah. That means: Arphaxad was the father of Cainan, who was the father of Shelah; according to the rule: a grandfather (Arphaxad) is a father.
No Bible Contradiction


34. Was John the Baptist Elijah who was to come?
Yes (Matthew 11:14, 17:10-13)
Right, he was “the Elijah who was to come”: an individual who was to work in the spirit of Elijah.

No (John 1:19-21)
Right, John was not the prophet Elijah, who lived about 800 years earlier.
The fine nuance is clear in each passage.
No Bible Contradiction


35. Would Jesus inherit David’s throne?
Yes. So said the angel (Luke 1:32).
Right, this was meant figuratively.

No, since he is a descendant of Jehoiakim (see Matthew 1:11, I Chronicles 3:16). And Jehoiakim was cursed by God so that none of his descendants can sit upon David’s throne (Jeremiah 36:30).
Wrong, there is nothing said by Jeremiah about all his descendants, but the prediction is that the time was near that no biological sons of Jehoiakim would sit on David’s throne.
No Bible Contradiction


36. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on how many animals?
One – a colt (Mark 11:7; cf Luke 19:3 5). And they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their garments on it; and he sat upon it.

Two – a colt and an ass (Matthew 21:7). They brought the ass and the colt and put their garments on them and he sat thereon.
Wrong, he sat on their garments (on the colt as is clear from the context).
No Bible Contradiction


37. How did Simon Peter find out that Jesus was the Christ?
By a revelation from heaven (Matthew 16:17).
Yes, that was his personal conviction.

His brother Andrew told him (John 1:41).
No, that was Andrew’s view and not Peter’s.
No Bible Contradiction


38. Where did Jesus first meet Simon Peter and Andrew?
By the sea of Galilee (Matthew 4:18-22).
No, there is no mentioning of the first time.

On the banks of river Jordan (John 1:42). After that, Jesus decided to go to Galilee (John 1:43).
Yes, that’s right.
No Bible Contradiction


39. When Jesus met Jairus, was Jairus daughter already dead?
Yes. Matthew 9:18 quotes him as saying, My daughter has just died.
No. The Greek has: A moment ago my daughter was dying. (Aorist form of the verb excludes the result of the action of the verb.) A classic mistranslation due to the Vulgate that has: ‘defuncta est’ (has died).

No. Mark 5:23 quotes him as saying: My little daughter is at the point of death.
No Bible Contradiction


40. Did Jesus allow his disciples to keep a staff on their journey?
Yes (Mark 6:8).
Yes, a staff for walking.

No (Matthew 10:9; Luke 9:3).
Indeed, He didn’t allow a carrying pole for a bag with all sorts of extras.
See the article: An old cracking stick to beat Christians.
No Bible Contradiction


No Bible Contradictions