My name is Ben van Noort. I am a graduate MA from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Having observed the websites containing so-called ‘Bible Contradictions’, I am astonished at the anger of those who bring them forward. Also, not infrequently, the so-called Contradictions are supported in a way of which a schoolboy can see how trivial it is.

I am also astonished about the frequently inadequate replies of Christian writers. E.g. they often fail to see mistranslations in current Bibles, or they refer to copying errors where the textual tradition doesn’t give any support for such an assumption.

It is not my goal to discuss all ‘Contradictions’ that have been brought forward in the course of time. It would take a lifetime. It is my goal to show that most solutions are much more natural than supposed usually. Let the texts speak for themselves.

I hope that my readers will get more than just a solution for an itching Bible problem, namely that they may feel freedom and joy in their relation to the Word of God, which is really living and active … (Hebrews 4:12  NASB)