1 – 25 Click here.

      1. How many men did the chief of David's captains kill?

2. Was Abraham justified by faith or by works?

3. How many sons did Abraham have?

4. Was Abiathar the father or the son of Ahimelech?

5. Who was Abijam's mother?

6. How were Abijam and Asa related?

7. How long was the ark of the covenant at Abinadab's house?

8. How old was Abram when Ishmael was born?

9. How many sons did Absalom have?

10. When did Absalom rebel against David?

11. The two contradictory creation accounts.

12. Who was Achan's father?

13. How many of Adin's offspring returned from Babylon?

14. How many of Adonikam's offspring returned from Babylon?

15. How should adulterers be punished?

16. Is it wrong to commit adultery?

17. Was Haman an Agagite?

18. Was Ahaz buried with his fathers?

19. When did Ahaziah begin to reign?

20. How old was Ahaziah when he began to reign?

21. Did the city of Ai exist after Joshua destroyed it?

22. What tribe was Aijalon from?

23. Does God want some to go to Hell?

24. Did Jesus tell his disciples everything?

25. Was David alone when asking for the holy bread at Nob?

26 – 50 Click here.

      26. Did Saul and Samuel kill all the Amalekites?

27. Who was Amasa's father?

28. How should the Ammonites be treated?

29. Who was Anah?

30. How long does God's anger last?

31. From what were the animals created?

32. How did Antiochus die?

33. What were the names of the apostles?

34. Where did Jesus first appear to the eleven disciples after the resurrection?

35. How many of Arah's offspring returned from Babylon?

36. What was in the ark of the covenant?

37. Was Asa perfect?

38. Did Asa remove the high places?

39. How many of Asaph's offspring returned from Babylon?

40. When did Jesus ascend into heaven?

41. Did Peter ask Jesus where he was going?

42. On what did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?

43. Is the day of the Lord at hand?

44. How many of Azgad's offspring returned from Babylon?

45. When did Baasha die?

46. How many languages were there before the Tower of Babel was built?

47. How long was the Babylonian captivity?

48. How many of Bani's offspring returned from Babylon?

49. In whose name is baptism to be performed?

50. Did Jesus baptize anyone?


51 – 75 Click here.

51. Did Jesus tell his apostles to go barefoot and without a staff?

52. How long before a bastard’s offspring can enter the congregation of the Lord?

53. Who was to blame for original sin?

54. Who was Bashemath's father?

55. What was the volume of the molten sea in Solomon's temple?

56. How many of Bebai's offspring returned from Babylon?

57. When did Saul become David's enemy?

58. Who named Beersheba?

59. Where did Joseph and Mary live before the birth of Jesus?

60. Should we believe everything?

61. How many believers were there at the time of the ascension?

62. How old was Benjamin when his clan migrated to Egypt?

63. Who were the sons of Benjamin?

64. Were Naaman and Ard the sons or the grandsons of Benjamin?

65. Who asked Jesus for the best seats in heaven?

66. When did Jacob rename Luz to Bethel?

67. How many of Bethlehem and Netophah's offspring returned from Babylon?

68. Where did Jesus cure the blind man?

69. How many of Bezai's offspring returned from Babylon?

70. How many of Bigvai's offspring returned from Babylon?

71. Who is the most blessed woman?

72. Who makes people deaf and blind?

73. How many blind men were healed near Jericho?

74. Does the blood of animal sacrifices take away sin?

75. What are the borders of Israel?


76 – 100 Click here.

76. Should every man bear his own burden?

77. Who buried Jesus?

78. On what day did the temple burn?

79. Did God command the Israelites to make him burnt offerings?

80. Who appeared to Moses in the burning bush?

81. What became of Cain?

82. Was Jesus taken to Caiaphas or Annas first?

83. Will those who call on the Lord be delivered?

84. Can God do anything?

85. How should the Canaanites be treated?

86. How long was the Egyptian Captivity?

87. Does God prefer castrated men?

88. Is casting out devils a sign of a true Christian?

89. Did God kill all the Egyptian cattle in the sixth plague?

90. Is it OK to have a census?

91. Did the Centurion ask Jesus directly to help his servant?

92. What did the Centurion call Jesus when he died?

93. How high was the chapiter?

94. How many men did David kill?

95. Is childbearing sinful?

96. Is it a a good thing to be childish?

97. How did Jesus respond when questioned by the high priest?

98. Is circumcision required?

99. To whom were the cities of Exhtaol and Zoreah given?

100. Did the cock crow before or after Peter's denial?


101 – 125 Click here.

101. What color was Jesus' robe?

102. Did Jesus forewarn the apostles of his death and resurrection?

103. Is God the author of confusion?

104. What must a congregation do if it sins through ignorance?

105. Is it OK to covet?

106. Did Jesus say before the cock crow or before the cock crow twice?

107. Did Jesus ask God to save him from crucifixion?

108. Is it OK to curse people?

109. Will God curse the earth?

110. Are those who obey the law cursed?

111. When did the Temple curtain rip?

112. Who carried Jesus' cross?

113. When was the city of Dan named?

114. Generations from David to the Babylonian Captivity

115. How did David kill Goliath?

116. The sons of David born in Hebron

117. Did David sin?

118. Which sons of David born in Jerusalem?

119. From which of David's sons was Jesus descended?

120. When did the women (or woman) arrive at the sepulchre?

121. Is death final?

122. How many of Delaiah, Tobiah, and Nekoda's offspring returned from Babylon?

123. To whom did Peter deny knowing Jesus?

124. Who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?

125. Can the devil capture us at will?


126 – 150 Click here.

126. Is the devil free to roam?

127. Who can cast out devils in the name of Jesus?

128. Where did the devils ask not to go?

129. Does God desire animal sacrifices?

130. Must everyone die?

131. Should believers discuss their faith with non-believers?

132. Is divorce ever permissible?

133. Does anyone do anything good?

134. Who put the robe on Jesus?

135. Did Jesus drink on the cross?

136. When did the earth dry after the flood?

137. Does God dwell in darkness or in light?

138. Will the earth last forever?

139. What kind of animals may we eat?

140. Is it OK to eat blood?

141. How should the Edomites be treated?

142. May a eunuch enter the congregation of the Lord?

143. Did Lot's daughters think God had killed every man?

144. Did Luke include everything that Jesus did?

145. Did Jesus, Mary, and Joseph go to Egypt or Nazareth?

146. How many disciples did Jesus appear to in his first post resurrection appearance?

147. Did the eleven disciples believe the two men?

148. Who did Elhanan kill?

149. Was John the Baptist Elijah?

150. When will the end of the world come?


151 – 175 Click here.

151. How should we treat our enemies?

152. Has anyone ever ascended into heaven?

153. Did Enoch die?

154. Was Enoch the sixth or the seventh from Adam?

155. Will Ephraim return to Egypt?

156. When was Eve created?

157. Is everyone descended from Adam and Eve?

158. Is God the creator of evil?

159. Do evildoers prosper?

160. Did Moses see God face to face?

161. Is Salvation by faith alone?

162. Were the men with Paul knocked to the ground?

163. Is it possible to fall from grace?

164. How many years of famine?

165. Is is OK to call your father (or anyone else) father?

166. Did Moses fear the king?

167. Should we look for signs in the heavens?

168. Should we fear God?

169. Who bought the potter's field?

170. When did the cursed fig tree die?

171. When did Jesus curse the fig tree?

172. Was Jesus the first to rise from the dead?

173. To whom did Jesus make his first post-resurrection appearance?

174. Who was God's firstborn son?

175. How long was the ark afloat?


176 – 200 Click here.

176. How long did the flood last?

177. Did everyone (except for Noah and his family) die in the flood?

178. Will the righteous flourish?

179. Which flying creeping things may we eat?

180. Is it OK to call someone a fool?

181. Is it good to be foolish?

182. Who forces non-believers to disbelieve?

183. How many Philistine foreskins did David buy his first wife with?

184. Does God forgive sins?

185. How many generations from Jesus to Abraham?

186. Can God be found?

187. From what were the fowls created?

188. Do humans have free will?

189. Were the disciples frightened or gladdened when they saw Jesus?

190. Does God ever get furious?

191. Who gave the law to Moses?

192. Did God give Gehazi leprosy?

193. How many generations were there from David to Jesus?

194. Genealogy of Jesus (Mt.1 vs Lk.3)

195. When was the Holy Ghost given?

196. Does God ever lie?

197. Does God love everyone?

198. Does God know what is everyone's heart?

199. How many gods are there?

200. Are we all God's children?


201 – 225 Click here.

201. Does God work on the Sabbath?

202. How much gold, silver, and clothing did the people give?

203. Who killed Goliath?

204. Is anyone good?

205. Who was greater: Jesus, Solomon, or John the Baptist?

206. Is it OK for men to have long hair?

207. Who was Noah's youngest son?

208. Is it good to be happy?

209. Was Mary Magdalene happy or sad when she saw the risen Jesus?

210. Who hardened the Pharaoh's heart?

211. Should we follow our own heart?

212. When was heaven created?

213. Does Hell exist?

214. Does God help in times of need?

215. Who was Heman's father?

216. Did Herod think Jesus was John the Baptist?

217. Where did Joseph's brothers find the hidden money?

218. How many talents of gold did Hiram send Solomon?

219. Is only God holy?

220. Who sent the Holy Ghost?

221. How should homosexuals be treated?

222. Where did Aaron die?

223. How many horsemen did David take?

224. At what time of day was Jesus crucified?

225. Does God approve of human sacrifices?


226 – 250 Click here.

226. Were humans created before or after the other animals?

227. If a husband believes, is his wife saved also?

228. Which tribe was Hyram from?

229. Was Zechariah Iddo's son or grandson?

230. What should you do if you sin through ignorance?

231. Is it OK to make images?

232. Which was first: Calling of Peter and Andrew or Imprisonment of John the Baptist?

233. Is incest forbidden?

234. Are we punished for the sins of others?

235. Did Saul inquire of the Lord?

236. Were the men or angels inside or outside the tomb when the women arrived?

237. Will God destroy those that intermarry?

238.  God stop iron chariots?

239. How old was Ishmael when he was abandoned by Abraham?

240. When was King Jabin killed?

241. Who bought the sepulchre in Sechem from the sons of Hamor?

242. Where was Jacob buried?

243. How many were in Jacob's family when they came into Egypt?

244. Was Jarius' daughter alive when Jesus was approached?

245. Did the Israelites take Jerusalem from the Jebusites?

246. Did Jeconiah have any sons?

247. Was Jechoniah the son or the grandson of Josiah?

248. When did Jehoash become king of Israel?

249. How long did Jehoash reign?

250. How old was Jehoachin when he began to reign?


251 – 275 Click here.

251. Who succeeded Jehoiakim as king?

252. Did Jehoiakim die in Babylon or near Jerusalem?

253. Did Jehoshaphat remove the high places?

254. Did Abraham know God's name?

255. Was Jehu the son or grandson of Nimshi?

256. When was the man (or men) healed?

257. Did Paul go to Jerusalem from Damascus immediately after his conversion?

258. How many sons did Jesse have?

259. When was Jesus born?

260. Was Joseph the father of Jesus?

261. Did Jesus know everything?

262. Did Jesus bear witness of himself?

263. What will happen to Jews when they die?

264. Will there be many Jews?

265. What was Jesus H. Christ's real name?

266. Did God commend or condemn Jehu for the killings at Jezreel?

267. Where was Joash buried?

268. Who brought evil on Job?

269. Who cast Jonah into the sea?

270. Who was Jesus' grandfather on his father's side?

271. Where did Josiah die?

272. How did King Josiah die?

273. How long did Jotham reign?

274. How did Judas die?

275. Did Judas identify Jesus with a kiss?


276 – 300 Click here.

276. To judge or not to judge.

277. Does Jesus judge people?

278. Has there ever been a just person?

279. Is anyone justified?

280. Was Keturah Abraham's wife or concubine?

281. To kill or not to kill.

282. Why did God reject Saul as king?

283. Who was the father of Kish?

284. Does God know and see everything?

285. Who was Korah's father?

286. Did God burn all of Korah's children to death?

287. Who was Laban's father?

288. What were the last words of Jesus?

289. Should we obey human or divine law?

290. Is it wrong to lie?

291. What is the human lifespan?

292. When did God divide light from darkness?

293. How many of Lod, Hadid, and Ono's offspring returned from Babylon?

294. Who is the Lord of this world?

295. Was Lot a righteous man?

296. Should we love or hate our brother?

297. How many soldiers did Lysias have?

298. How many of Lysias' footment were killed by the Jews?

299. Was Mahli the son of Levi?

300. Will everyone see the majesty of God?


301 – 325 Click here.

301. Did God originally create humans male and female?

302. Was Jesus born in a house or a manger?

303. Was David a man of war before he fought Goliath?

304. Did Elisha receive Elijah's mantle before or after Elijah is taken up into heaven?

305. Is marriage a good thing?

306. Was Mary (the mother of Jesus) blessed?

307. Should Christians be concerned with material things?

308. Is it OK to eat meat sacrificed to other gods?

309. Was Moses meek?

310. Is God merciful?

311. Will the Messiah be a descendant of David?

312. How many children did Michal have?

313. Did the Israelites kill every male in Midian?

314. How many did God kill for "committing whoredom with the daughters of Moab"?

315. How did God say the Moabites should be treated?

316. Did any Moabite enter the congregation of the Lord?

317. Is money good or bad?

318. Was Moses in good mental and physical health at age 120?

319. Who was Moses' father-in-law?

320. Was Moses a good speaker?

321. Did Jesus preach his first sermon on a mountain or a plain?

322. What is God's name?

323. What's new?

324. What is the correct new moon sacrifice?

325. How many of Nicanor's soldiers were killed?


326 – 350 Click here.

326. How many soldiers were in Nicanor's army?

327. If God likes you, will everyone else like you too?

328. When did Noah enter the ark?

329. How should nonbelievers be treated?

330. Is it OK to take oaths?

331. Are those who believe Jesus is the Christ of God?

332. How many officers did Solomon have?

333. How old was Abraham when he left Haran?

334. Was the tomb opened or closed when the women arrived?

335. Do Christians need to obey Old Testament laws?

336. How many overseers did Solomon have?

337. Who owns the earth?

338. How many of Pahathmoab, Jeshua, and Joab's offspring returned from Babylon?

339. How should parents be treated?

340. How many days is unleavened bread to be eaten during the passover?

341. Was Jesus crucified the day before or the day after the Passover meal?

342. Did Paul see Jesus on the road to Damascus?

343. Did Paul visit all of the disciples when he went to Jerusalem after his conversion?

344. Is God warlike or peaceful?

345. Is the law of God perfect?

346. Is it OK to use perfume?

347. Who wrote the Pentateuch?

348. How did Peter find out that Jesus was the Messiah?

349. Where was the home of Peter and Andrew?

350. Were the Pharisees baptized by John?


351 – 375 Click here.

351. Can women be church leaders?

352. How high were the pillars?

353. Were plants created before or after humans?

354. Should we try to please others?

355. Is polygamy a good thing?

356. How many children of the porters returned from Babylon?

357. How many men were possessed with devils?

358. What did Jesus do after his baptism?

359. How much power did Jesus have?

360. Do Christians know how to pray?

361. Should you pray for everyone?

362. When David fled to Nob, what was the priest's name?

363. On what day of the month was Jehoiachin released from prison?

364. Should Christians pray in public?

365. Is every word of God pure?

366. Was Rahab saved by faith or works?

367. How long was Elijah's drought?

368. Who raised Jesus from the dead?

369. Was Jesus a ransom for many or for all?

370. Can God be found through reason alone?

371. Did Mary Magdalene recognize Jesus when he first appeared to her?

372. Should we rejoice when we see our enemies suffer?

373. Is it OK for a divorced woman to remarry?

374. Should we rend our clothes?

375. Does God repent?


376 – 400 Click here.

376. Does God respect anyone?

377. Did both thieves revile Jesus?

378. Is wealth a sign of righteousness or of wickedness?

379. Has there ever been a righteous person?

380. Does righteousness come from following the Law?

381. Is it necessary to keep the sabbath?

382. How should Sabbath-breakers be punished?

383. Who may offer sacrifices to God?

384. Who was the father of Salah?

385. Did the Samaritans receive Jesus?

386. Should the gospel be preached to everyone?

387. When was the last time that Samuel saw Saul?

388. Who was Samuel's firstborn son?

389. Did Sarah have faith that she would conceive?

390. When did Satan enter Judas?

391. How did Saul die?

392. Did Saul's family die with him?

393. When did David meet Saul?

394. When did "Is Saul among the prophets?" become a proverb?

395. Who were Saul's sons?

396. What must you do to be saved?

397. Were the Israelites to spare the trees in the countries they invaded?

398. Did Jesus have secret teachings?

399. Was Sisera asleep when he was murdered?

400. Is all scripture inspired by God?


401 – 425 Click here.

401. Should we let others see our good works?

402. Can God be seen ?

403. How many of Senaah's offspring returned from Babylon?

404. Should you serve God alone?

405. What is the earth set upon?

406. How should a man who has sex with a menstruating woman be punished?

407. Do bad things happen to good people?

408. What did the sign over Jesus' head say?

409. Did Jesus perform many signs and wonders?

410. What did Judas do with the silver?

411. Do Christians sin?

412. Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

413. How many singing men and women returned from Babylon?

414. Were the men or angels inside the tomb sitting or standing?

415. What was Jesus' sixth commandment?

416. What was Jonathan's first slaughter?

417. Does God sleep?

418. How many soldiers?

419. Who brought Joseph into Egypt?

420. Was Solomon David's second or fourth son by Bathsheba?

421. What was Solomon's gift to Hiram?

422. When did Solomon's reign begin?

423. Was Jesus the son of David?

424. How many sons did God have?

425. How many sons did Gideon have?


426 – 450 Click here.

426. Who were the sons of Heman?

427. Was Jesus silent during his trial before Pilate?

428. How did Jesus cure the blind man?

429. Does God have a body?

430. How many stalls did Solomon have?

431. When were the stars made?

432. Is it wrong to steal?

433. Did Joshua remove the twelve stones from the Jordan River?

434. My strangers observe the Passover?

435. How should strangers be treated?

436. Were the Philistines subdued all the days of Saul?

437. Why did God turn the sundial back ten degrees?

438. Is Jesus peaceful ?

439. When did Jesus' temple tantrum occur?

440. Where did Jesus tell his disciples to go after his resurrection?

441. Did the women immediately tell the disciples?

442. Did Jesus say, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up"?

443. Does God dwell in temples?

444. Can God be tempted?

445. Who tempted David to number Israel?

446. Has God ever tempted anyone?

447. How old was Terah when he died?

448. Is it OK to test (or tempt) God?

449. Can theives go to heaven?

450. Should we think for ourselves?


451 – 475 Click here.

451. How did God address Jesus at his baptism?

452. For How much did David by the threshing floor?

453. Should you speak in tongues?

454. Was it OK to touch the risen Jesus before his ascension?

455. When when did the transfiguration occur?

456. May Adam eat from any tree?

457. What were the twelve tribes of Israel?

458. Was Jesus's witness of himself true?

459. How many animals of each kind did Noah take into the ark?

460. Is there an unforgivable sin?

461. Is it OK to marry unbelievers?

462. Should we believe in unseen things?

463. Where did God kill Uzza?

464. What did the soldiers give Jesus to drink?

465. Did Jesus go to heaven after he died but before his ascension?

466. Did the men with Paul hear the voice?

467. Where did Moses get water from a rock?

468. How did God tell Moses to get water from a rock?

469. Does God ever tire?

470. Was Jonah swallowed by a fish or a whale?

471. Who (or what) is a ransom for the righteous?

472. Who created heaven and earth?

473. Who made the ark of the covenant?

474. Who wrote the (second set of) ten commandments?

475. Does God destroy both the righteous and the wicked?


476 – 492 Click here.

476. Do the wicked live long?

477. Is God's will always done in heaven?

478. Is wisdom a good thing?

479. Does wisdom make people happy?

480. How many men were in the king's presence?

481. Who is for or against Jesus?

482. Who did the women see at the tomb?

483. How many women came to the sepulchre?

484. Where did the women watching the crucifixion stand?

485. Can only God work wonders?

486. How are people judged by God?

487. How many of Zattu's offspring returned from Babylon?

488. Who was Zechariah's father?

489. Did Zedekiah see the king of Babylon?

490. Who was Zerubbabel's father?

491. Where does God dwell?

492. Did God call Abraham before or after he moved to Haran?