Are the gospels really accurate?
Here’s how to know without a doubt!

We all want some clarity about Jesus and the gospels. There is an ongoing research for details (theologians), an ongoing curiosity among the public and an ongoing need among Christians for clarity about the basics of the faith. “It is no longer appropriate to come up with obscure theories concerning the center of the Christian faith: Jesus and his words.”

After reading the book, you will:
– be liberated from all conflicting inconsistencies that go round
– read the gospels with new interest and understanding
– speak with conviction about the gospels
– know how the spoken word was presented in the books

– say No to improper theories, such as the oral tradition prior to the gospels
– understand that the gospels form the Testament of Jesus: the reports were written before he died and published in books shortly thereafter

Don’t wait to discover the untold and amazing story about the gospels.
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Ben van Noort is a graduate (MA) from Utrecht University (Netherlands). In his third academic year (1972) he received the faculty award of the year, with a study in history of early Christianity. Thereafter, his MA was focused on New Testament and Judaism, especially the languages Greek, Targum Aramaic, Mishnaic Hebrew.
Since 1975 he worked as a high school teacher in Christian Religion. His higher grades challenged him about the reliability of the gospels, which forced him to dig deeper. He wrote many articles concerning biblical issues.

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